iLoveVarna - The mobile app of our city

iLoveVarna is the official interactive platform of the city, providing information on both: the tourist sights and special offers from local businesses. iLoveVarna mobile app offers citizens and visitors of the city a unique customer experience and provides access to a variety of attractive offers and loyalty programs
iLoveVarna is part of the international initiative iLove, developed in United Kingdom which uses the most advanced technologies, marketing and e-commerce concepts.This innovative solution brings together municipalities, businesses, citizens and tourists, and ensures a quick and easy information flow and improved service quality through tailored offering.

If you wish:

To be informed of what is happening around you
To get to know Varna in a new innovative way
To receive in real time the most suitable and attractive personalised offers, tailored to your needs
To have fun with the interactive mobile app
To receive prizes and discounts while enjoying your favorite city
To be part of the heart of the city!

Download the free official mobile app of the city of Varna!

For the visitors

iLoveVarna gives you the opportunity to explore our city in a unique way. Getting access to information and sightseeing details is just a quick click away. For your convenience iLoveVarna has a QR codes scanner.

For the little ones

iLoveVarna loves children too. The mobile app will give them opportunity to collect reward points while watching educational videos. Those points are easily transferred into promotional presents.

For the citizens of our wonderful city

iLoveVarna gives you a new access to products and services. You can learn something new about the city. You can take part in different promotions, lotteries and obviously be rewarded for that.

Lots of prizes and rewards!

All the points collected through iLoveVarna can be exchanged for attractive rewards.

With iLove you can:

  • Use the interactive map to see points of interest and stores
  • Get information on various locations, businesses and products directly on your phone by scanning the QR code
  • Instantly redeem and track your offers and savings on demand directly from your mobile device
  • Get notified of the rewards, personalised offers and last minute deals near you, so you never miss out on any great deals
  • Be rewarded and collect loyalty points on top of your savings from deals and offers
  • Save time and efforts, as iLove’s voucher and deals are all accessible directly from your mobile device and you cannot lose a voucher

Benefits for iLove business members

  • Advertising and Navigation – Your store and route to it will be displayed on the interactive map of the mobile app.
  • Access to new clients – You can offer your best deals, and sell your goods and services in the Varna online shop.
  • Keep in touch with your clients in real time – Mobile app user receive the special offers and mobile adverts in real time.
  • Easy use – The Platform gives access to the latest marketing, advertising and eCommerce technologies and concepts.
  • Contact Us – If you represent a business and would like to see how you can benefit from using iLove to increase revenue and visitors please get in touch.

Benefits for the Municipality

  • Being a connected, smart city and offer an even greater experience to tourists and well serviced citizens.
  • With the platform, Varna City Council can send immediately alerts to people in certain areas in case of disasters.
Office Bulgaria
Office 5.1, 113 General Kolev Blvd Varna 9000 Bulgaria
Office UK
Venture House, Arlington Sq Downshire Way, Bracknell RG12 1WA, UK