Benefits for iLove business members:

Advertising and Navigation – Your store and route to it will be displayed on the interactive map of the mobile app. Your business will be advertised through other iLove channels, including Facebook and online.

Mobile scanner – User will get a mobile scanner with iLove app with the help of which they will be able to scan QR and barcodes, which will display specific video and audio information about the companies and their products.

Keep in touch with your clients in real time –  Mobile app users receive special offers and mobile adverts in real time based on their location and nationality.

Easy use – The Platform gives small and medium business cost effective access to the latest marketing, advertising and eCommerce technologies and concepts.

Some of our iLove members:

iLove Platform membership:

Annual subscription with a number of free services

For a a small annual fee, platform members can benefit from the following services:

Design and production of iLove membership nameplate for the company

Design of a firm-specific QR code which after scanning will display company video and audio advert

iLove promotional materials

Free advice about marketing and advertising with the iLove Platform

Marking the premises or shop on iLove mobile interactive map with a brief company presentation. The mobile app will show the shortest route to the site also

Placing the company logo on the official iLove website

Rights to use the iLove logo

Facebook promotions

Enjoy free advertising and promotions upto the amount of paid annual fees

Indicative prices for additional services for the Platform members

Companies can benefit from additional services such as offers, promotions, raffles, mobile notifications and product (barcode) promotion. The additional services and their prices are negotiated individually with each company, depending on the requirements and workload.
As an indication, during October 2016 promotions and raffles daily rates were respectively of 1.50 and 3 lv., mobile notifications – 0.20 lv. for 1 subscriber, barcode promotions – 20 lv. for 12 months


The information provided above includes a sample of the services, platform iLove offers for the time being.
Prices are indicative and subject to change. For Platform members all prices are fixed at the conclusion of the membership agreement.

Some advantages to become an iLove Member:

Platform members’shops and offices will appear on the Mobile app interactive map and can navidate the users to them

Companies will receive iLove branded nameplate (approved for placement in the city) and specially generated for the firm QR code.
When scanning by mobile phone, this code will present business information, including videos, photos and link to the website

Products with barcodes can be registered in iLove platform. Mobile app users can scan the code to watch product adverts and instructions, and could be directed to a website or social media page

As part of the iLove mobile Platform, companies are able to create attractive and relevant offers to their potential customers: discounts, participate in raffles, gaining bonus points or rewards